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Download Flash Share App | Flashshare App Free Download: Let me give the big picture to you what is Flashshare app and why I have mentioned about Flashshare here. Flashshare was the predecessor of the so-called high-sharing app the “Xender.” A group of people currently uses Flashshare without updating to the latest Xender app.

Flashshare is very much similar to xender which is free to share the data from one phone to another by connecting through WiFi. Since Xender developed it, Flashshare comes custom installed on several  phones, but mostly Xender is currently in use and can be downloaded through the play store, Apple Store or from our websites Xenderforpcs.com

Flashshare App
Flashshare App

The welcome screen of Flashshare looks in this elegant way.

A Quickie on how to use Flashshare app

Working on the Flashshare app:-

Flashshare works by transferring all sorts of data from one phone to another one. Flashshare does it by creating a WiFi-hotspot on the sender phone. All the receivers connect to a group, and the magic happens automatically
Flashshare Step 1: Connect the phone
After opening Flashshare make a tap over the “Connect Phone” and create a group or join a group depends on upon if you are sending are receiving.
Flashshare Step 2: Creating a group 
Ask the person to join, once the group created. If the friend doesn’t have Flashshare installed, you can send them a link as “invite: through Google +, Twitter, Facebook, or via QR Code.

Flashshare App

Now share any files using Flashshare App like Image, Media and lots more.
Flashshare app share is one of a kind cool apps which makes you not to wait unlike Bluetooth or infrared making high-speed transfers without any loss through WiFi.

The Standout Feature of the Flashshare app:

PC Connect: the Flashshare app can transfer files between a PC and phone also by connecting them both to the same router.

  1. An IP address and the port number of the Flashshare app which must type on the PC browser.
  2. An authentication key, i.e., an Auto-generated PIN to have access.
  3. Like other apps available Flashshare seamlessly does the transfer.
Flashshare App
Flashshare App

The secret behind the post is that it all comes down to this step Flashshare app being the predecessor of Xender as well as Flash Transfer.

In this way, it got evolved Flashshare Flash Transfer –> Xender.

Author: Xender Admin

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