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Flashshare is a utility app that is used for transferring or sharing files. It uses the WiFi signal and transmits the files in a more convenient way. Flashshare is a file-sharing app developed by Xender and comes pre-installed in certain Android phones like Gionee, Xiaomi, Techno, etc. In other devices, the Flashshare file transfer app is referred to as Xender and it can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.

Flashshare App
Flashshare App

To transfers files wirelessly, it will first create a WiFi hotspot on the sender device. Now the receiver should click on the same connection to pair up with the sender device. With this, files will be transferred without needing the pesky cable or Bluetooth connectivity.

Any Flashshare app user can transfer multiple files simultaneously. Just like the Xender app, it doesn’t use Bluetooth or internet connectivity to transfer files. The Flashshare app supports different platforms and thus you can transfer files between Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and PC. Transferring files is very simple and easy when you have the Flashshare app.

Features of Flashshare App

Find out the most useful features of the Flashshare app from the section below.

  • With Flashshare app for Android, files can be transferred at a faster rate when compared with the Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • It will transfer files of almost any format in any size across the devices with the zero internet usage.
  • The Flashshare app features user-friendly interface and thus sending and receiving files can be done within few clicks.
  • Scan the QR code that is shown on the Flashshare app to establish a connection and start transferring the files in seconds.

All other features of the Flashshare app are the same as the Xender Android version and by clicking on the link, you will be able to know about them.

Flashshare App for Android
Flashshare App for Android

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How to Use Flashshare App

Flashshare has made file transferring a breeze and lets you share files between various devices. Follow the steps given below to use Flashshare app.

Step 1: Click and open the Flashshare (Xender) app on your smartphone platform.

Step 2: You need to make a click on Connect the phone option.

Step 3: Now, click on Create a group option if you are sending files or tap on Join group if you are about to receive files.

Click on Create a Group or Join Group
Click on Create a Group or Join Group

Step 4: The sender has to select the files that need to be transferred. Meanwhile, a WiFi connection will be created.

Step 5: When the sender and receiver device gets connected to the same network, then the files will be transferred.

Note: To transfer files between smartphone to PC, click on Connect PC option by tapping on the profile icon.

We hope the information provided here in this article about the Flashshare app is useful to you. Comment us if you have any queries.

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