Gionee Xender Download Apk | Xender File Transfer App

Gionee Xender Download Apk | Gionee Xender App Download: Gionee Xender App is a file transfer app used to send larger files from one device to the other. You don’t need any internet connection to transfer the file instead you must have a Wi-Fi connection. Transfer any videos, music, photo, pdf and much more between your devices using the Xender app. Xender is also available for Gionee devices. Gionee Xender Download app supports all of the Gionee devices. The transfer is done via Wi-Fi, not via USB cable. So that the file transfer between your device is fast. There is no time delay occurs when you move your file. Xender app is a faster file sharing application which supports all of our platforms like Android, iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Windows Phone.

Gionee Xender Download Apk | Xender File Transfer App

Xender Gionee transfers files at a flashing speed. To connect your xender. First, you need to join the group and add your nearby available devices. Then tap to connect with the devices to transfer and share your favorite music, videos, pdf, app, photo, etc. with your friends. You can transfer files from iOS to iOS (Between the same devices) or Android to iOS (Between two different devices). The transfer is made simple in Xender. Gionee Xender App gives you the complete accessibility to transfer larger files in a fraction of seconds. Free Download Xender for your Gionee Smartphone.

Specifications of Gionee Xender

Watch the space below for Gionee Xender App Specifications

DeveloperXender Team
Release Date: 2012
Category: File Sharing
Requirements: Windows PC, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad
Languages: Multiple Languages (22 Different Languages)
License: Freeware

Features of Gionee Xender

The Gionee Xender has an excellent feature for sharing your files. Before downloading the Xender just check out the features of this application.

  • Xender lets you share any type of files in any place at any time, without any hassle, So that you can have the higher feasibility while sharing the files through the Xender Ginonee application.
  • Gionee Xender lets you share the files without any mobile data usage. You can share your files with the nearby devices, with your WiFi network at high speeds.
  • Xender enables you to share the files almost 200 times faster than the Bluetooth file transfer speed.
  • Xender app is used by more than 500 Millions users all over the world, for sharing the files.
  • The app interface itself has the built-in Media Player, in which you can play the transferred Music files and Videos, without the help of other third-party applications.
  • More than 100 Million files are transferred on daily basis using the Gionee Xender app.
  • Transferring files through the Xender for Gionee is highly secured and very fast.
Gionee Xender Download Apk
Gionee Xender Download Apk
  • Gionee Xender allows you to share your files much faster than other file-sharing applications.
  • The built-in file manager of the Xender lets you view, edit, move and delete the files quickly. You can even backup the transferred data easily to safeguard the files from the accidental deletion.
  • Gionee Xender supports multiple languages So that you can have a chance to share your files with anyone you wish. It also enhances the overall transferability of the application.
  • Xender Gionee provides you with the transfer rate of 40Mbps, while many other file transfer applications only offer you with 10Mbps.

Download Xender for Gionee | Gionee Xender Download Latest Version

Download your free Xender app on your Gionee smartphone. Xender is safe and faster to transfer larger files between your devices. The file may be of any size; Gionee Xender App can move data faster than any other app. You no longer need wire to connect to your PC to transfer files between your Mobile and PC. Why you need Wire if it is available in Wireless.

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Steps to Download Gionee Xender

Check out the following steps to download Xender Gionee.

Step 1: Visit the Official Play store of Google to Download the Gionee xender.

Step 2: Then search for the Xender app in the search box

Step 3: Now the Xender and its related applications will be displayed on the Screen.

Step 4: Just tap on the Xender app and then tap the install button to initiate the download.

Step 5: Now you can see the Xender downloading on your device.

Step 6: Once the download gets finished, the application will be automatically installed on your Gionee Device.

Step 7: After installing the application, just tap on the Xender app icon to launch the application and share your files.

To use Xender on your Windows PC, you must have a third-party app called “Bluestacks”. Bluestacks is an app that runs all your Android apps on your PC/Laptop. From which, you should download Xender app and use them on your Windows PC via Bluestacks.

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