How to Transfer files from iOS to iOS using Xender

Transferring files between iOS devices isn’t a simple thing just before the invention of file transferring apps. But Xender has simply transformed the way that files are transferred. It is a multi-platform supported utility tool that is rated as the no.1 file transfer app, and it can be accessed on any iOS device. Xender application can be used on iPhone or iPad to transfer files efficiently as it was primarily developed to connect two or more smartphones and transmit multimedia content.

Transfer files from iOS to iOS using Xender

Apart from transferring files between iOS and other platforms, Xender can also be used to transfer files from iOS to iOS devices. Xender has replaced the oldest file transferring techniques like Bluetooth, cable, etc. All it needs is a few clicks to share files like documents, videos, music, and photos. Besides this, Xender on iOS supports transferring bigger size files like movies, games, etc. Never look for an external cable and lag behind while transferring files. Instead, download Xender for iOS to share files at the fastest transferring rate.

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How To Transfer Files from iOS to iOS using Xender

With the Xender app, you can transfer files between iPhone to iPhone or iPhone and iPad. Only if you have a WiFi connection nearby, you can start transferring files.

Note: Make sure the sender and receiver iOS devices are connected to the same WiFi connection before proceeding with the steps.

Step 1: You should initially open the Xender app on the iOS device (sender).

Step 2: Click on Connect Friend option on the main screen of the Xender app.

Step 3: Now, you will be taken to another screen in which you can see the devices that are connected to the same WiFi.

Step 4: Identify and click on your friend’s device (receiver) to select. Now, both the device will be connected automatically.

Step 5: Choose the files you wanted to share using Xender app and transfer it.

That’s it. On following these steps, anyone can start transferring files between iOS devices using Xender app.

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Hope the article has given useful information on how to transfer files from iOS to iOS using Xender. Comment us if you face any issues while transferring files.

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