Xender for BlackBerry Free Download [Latest Version]

Xender for BlackBerry is a modern-day file transferring app to share any files instantly. In other words, it has simply replaced the oldest file-sharing means such as Bluetooth, NFC, external USB connection. It is the fastest file-sharing app and accessing the Xender is much easier than the AirDrop.

Xender for Blackberry

It uses WiFi Direct technology and transfers files like pictures, videos, music, documents, etc, across devices. Xender application is an efficient tool as it supports both one-on-one and group sharing of up to four devices. As it is free of network connection, you will be able to transfer the files at any time anywhere without the internet. By accessing the personal hotspot connection, Xender Blackberry will create a WiFi connection and the files can be transferred between those devices that are connected to the same WiFi.

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Features of Xender for BlackBerry

All the features of Xender for BlackBerry are similar to Xender for Android. By clicking here, you will be getting to know all the features of Xender in detail.

Specifications of Xender for Blackberry

Specifications of the Xender Blackberry is given below

Developer: Xender Team
Release Date: 2012
Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: Blackberry OS
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

How to Download & Install Xender for BlackBerry

Xender is a multi-platform file transferring app that will transfer files between different devices. BlackBerry devices support both BlackBerry and Android OS. By following the steps given below, you will be able to install the Xender app on both operating systems.

Xender for BlackBerry OS

Xender app isn’t available officially for the oldest BlackBerry devices. So those users of BlackBerry Q5/Q10/Z10/Z30 should opt for any of the better alternatives given below.

WiFi File Transfer

Xender Alternative for BlackBerry
Xender Alternative for BlackBerry

WiFi File Transfer can be used instead of the Xender app on BlackBerry phone. It supports uploading and downloading files between the devices. With the WiFi File Transfer app, anyone can transfer the files wirelessly. You can watch and listen to the video, photos, music right from the browser.

Device Switch

Xender for BlackBerry Alternative
Xender for BlackBerry Alternative

With the Device Switch app, files can be instantly transferred between different devices. It not only transfers the files but can also be used to share contacts, calendar information, etc. Device Switch will prevent duplicate file entries automatically.

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Steps to Download & Install Xender for BlackBerry (Android OS)

The latest models of BlackBerry phones including BlackBerry Evolve/Key2 etc are Android OS supported devices. The steps given below will let you download Xender for BlackBerry with Android OS.

Step 1: On your BlackBerry OS, click on the Google Play Store icon from the Apps section.

Xender Blackberry
Xender Blackberry

Step 2: Type in the app name as Xender on the search bar and select the Xender app logo from the suggestions.

Search for Xender
Search for Xender

Step 3: Click on the Install button to start downloading the Xender app on BlackBerry.

Install Xender
Install Xender

Step 4: When the Xender file transfer app prompts you with the list of permission, you should click on the Accept button.

Open Xender
Open Xender

Step 5: After the downloading process, click on the Open button to start using it.

Xender is also available for

How to Use Xender on BlackBerry

With the Xender app, you can instantly transfer any files between different devices. Follow the steps given below to use Xender on BlackBerry.

Step 1: You should click on the Xender app on your BlackBerry device with Android OS to open it.

Step 2: Click on Send button to share files and choose the Transfer from/to option to select the device.

How to use Xender on Blackberry
How to use Xender on Blackberry

Step 3: Select any files from different tabs like photos, music, videos, etc.

Step 4: Xender will establish a connection and when the receiver device gets connected with the WiFi Direct connection, files will be transferred.

Hope the article has given useful information about Xender for BlackBerry. Comment us if you have any queries.

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