Xender for PC Download: Xender is undeniably the best utility tool to transfer files between the devices. It has retained its #1 position among a large number of file transferring apps till date. With Xender for PC, anyone can transfer files between the smartphone and desktop easily with the multi-platform support. It is the best ever tool to transfer unlimited files at zero cost. Xender application will create a Direct WiFi connection and the files will be transferred to those devices that are connected to it. So Xender for Windows PC fulfils all your file sharing needs with few taps without using your internet connectivity.

It is one of the must needed tool in the current era as to transfer and share files between one or more devices on the go instantly. Having gained an unparalleled position, Xender is the choice of more than 500 millions of users globally. Xender for PC is better known for the file transferring speed, file types and file size supported. Unlike the olden days, you need not wait for too long time to transfer a single file. Instead, you can download Xender app to transfer the files within seconds.

The files that are shared over Xender PC app will retain its original quality. No more relying on the USB cable connection or installing any PC software to transfer the files from or to PC. With Xender web version, files can be shared between the smartphone platforms like Android/iOS/Windows Phone. It works easier than the AirDrop and don’t even require the near field communication to transmit the files between the devices.

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Features of Xender for PC

There are lots of advanced file transferring features available with Xender app for PC and take a look at all of them from below.

1. Transfer Anything

Xender for PC transfers files of almost all types like photos, music, videos, documents, PDFs, movies, apps, and more.

2. No Cable Needed

You don’t have to use external USB cable as to transmit files from one device to another. It is so as Xender transfers files wirelessly.

3. Transfer without Internet/Data

Xender PC uses WiFi Direct technology to transfer the files between the devices and doesn’t use the device internet or data.

4. Flash Speed

As Xender file transferring takes place wirelessly, files can be shared at the flash speed without any delay.

5. Group Sharing

Create a group or join a group in Xender to send and receive the same files with more than one device at the same time.

Features of Xender for PC
Features of Xender for PC

6. Supports Unlimited File Size

While transferring files using Xender Download for PC, you can transmit files in any size. Xender for PC Windows doesn’t limit you with the size of the files.

7. Supported Languages

Xender for Windows PC is available in different languages of the world. It currently supports about 32 languages and thus people from anywhere can download it.

8. User-Friendly Interface

No installation guide or manual is required to use Xender PC app as it features simple, user-friendly interface.

9. Multi-Platform Support

Xender is available officially for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac PC. So it is possible to transfer files between all of the devices.

Download Xender for PC

Specifications of the Xender PC app is given below

Developer: Xender Team
Release Date: June 01, 2017
Category: File Sharing
Supported Operating Systems: Multi-Platform
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Normally, Xender file transfer application is available for all the latest operating systems. So, you can download Xender for PC and experience the better file sharing options with Xender for Windows PC.

How to Use Xender Web Version on PC

Xender is available officially as a web version for the desktop platforms. Thus making file transferring easier as it don’t use the device space. Follow the steps given below to use Xender web on PC.

Step 1: On your desktop PC, open the browser to type in the address bar as Xender web. Click on the enter button.

Step 2: Open the official web page of Xender web from the search result (web.Xender.com)

Xender Web Version
Xender Web Version

Step 3: Now open Xender app on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Step 4: Click on the Xender profile from the top-left to select the Connect PC option or click on Scan QR code option.

Step 5: Scan the QR Code shown on Xender web. Your PC will be sync with the smartphone.

Xender for PC
Xender for PC

With this, you can accessing all the files of your smartphone on the Windows PC.

How to Download & Install Xender on PC using BlueStacks

With the help of an Android emulator like BlueStacks, Xender app can be installed on PC. The steps given below would help you to download Xender on PC.

Step 1: On the Windows PC, open the browser to search for BlueStacks app player.

Step 2: From the search result, open the official web site of BlueStacks to click on Download button to start downloading BlueStacks for PC.

Step 3: Open BlueStacks from the download location and follow the on-screen instructions to install BlueStacks on PC. Make sure to provide your Gmail id and password to login with BlueStacks.

Step 4: When BlueStacks opens up, click on Google Play Store icon to open it.

Step 5: On the search bar, type as Xender. Click on Share Music & Transfer Files – Xender from the suggestions bar.

Step 6: Click on the Install button to begin the downloading process of Xender.

Click Install
Click Install

Step 7: When Xender prompts you with the list of permissions, click on Accept.

Step 8: After the installation, click Open button to start using the Xender app on PC using BlueStacks.

Click Open
Click Open

Xender is available for

Xender is the multi-platform application, which is available for almost all the devices.

How to Use Xender on PC Windows

Follow the procedure given below to use Xender on PC to transfer files instantly.

Step 1: At first, you should open the Xender app that you have installed using BlueStacks.

Step 2: Select Connect Phone option from the Xender app’s home screen.

Step 3: To send files from your device, click on Create Group. Else click on Join Group to receive files from one another device.

Step 4: Xender will create a connection and the receiver should make click on it.

Step 5: Choose files that are shown under different tabs and click on the Send button.

Step 6: The files will be immediately transferred after the receiver accepts it.

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Best Alternatives of Xender

Xender for PC is the best file sharing app to send and receive files. It has included unique features with which transferring files is made simpler and easier than ever. Xender for Windows transfers files in the most efficient and reliable way possible. For those who wanted to know apps like Xender can take a look at the section below.

SHAREit – SHAREit is one another app that works similarly to Xender for PC Download. It has cross-platform support and files can be transferred at the highest rate ever.

Zapya – Transfer files without USB or Bluetooth using Zapya file transferring app. It transfer any files at the fastest rate including those files of bigger size.

SuperBeam – SuperBeam is a best alternative to Xender PC app that transfers files wirelessly between the devices. The user can either use NFC or QR code scanning to transfer files using SuperBeam.

SilFer File Share – It is a file sharing app that lets its users to share files from any device. With SilFer File Share, the user can exchange the text messages. Choose directory to store files and share files using WiFi Direct & Ethernet.

Xender Reviews

“Very good application for file transfer. Providing such a great application without any ads or in app purchases appreciated well.” – Suresh Babu Kandula

“Xender download for pc is very helpful for me to send pictures, music, movies. And we can connect to ios and Android phone.” – Gangster Morgan

“Trust me xender is far better than share it. no adds no unnecessary clicks, just do the work for what it is meant for. nice work xender team.” – Satish K.S

“I really love Xender for pc download, the way you update it every time makes me tell my friends am the one with the latest Xender app. Still waiting for the next update.” – Ramsey Godwin

“Much better and easy to connect and send files. Use Xender pc download instead of Shareit or Superbeam.”- Kshitij Kadu